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It shall be used on the ground or sea, and the spray shall be made as ratio of water and tear gas solution.

It is for put down of demonstrator group. Tear gas shall be used for broad range and it makes damages to the

demonstrators and common people by gas stimulation, but tear gas solution is effective to put down

the demonstrators by apply to the demonstrators who are in the limited space.



CS Powder (Tear gas Powder) + MC (Methylene Chloride)



Light Brown



Water (100L): Tear gas solution (IL)



Water and tear gas solution are separated.

When the water shall be sprayed, tear gas solution shall be sprayed as regulated ratio.



It shall be sprayed to demonstrators or the group, and it causes pains on eyes, nose and skin for about

10 minutes, and then it shall be recovered.



It shell be stored metal or plastic container as air tighened, and it shell be placed in the warehouse

(Without snow, rain fire or direct light).

Even though the gas is being release, there is no risk of explosion. it may store for 3 years. For use,

it may store in outdoor for 1 or 2 days for safety use.



It may de dilivered as 5~10 litters of metal or plastic container, and the size of container may be adjusted.