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Diameter 72mm ± 1mm
Size (Length) 151mm ± 2mm
Weight 254g ± 5g

Model DK-3Pieces split CS Hand Grenade (Burning type)
Body material ABS Plastic
Fuze delay time 2 ~ 3 sec
CS Mixture About 32g × 3 EA
Burning time 10 ± 5 sec
Fuze type M 201 A1
3 Pieces Split Distance About 10m
Launchable (Yes/No) No
Throwing distance 30 ~ 50m

UN Number UN 1700
Proper shipping name Tear gas candles
Hazard Class 6.1 or 4.1
Packing 40units / 1 ctn box

DK-44, 3 PIECES SPLIT is made with lever-type fuse and is burning type. When it is thrown after being removed of its safety pin, after 2 to 3 seconds, its detonator explodes, and 3 CS combustion parts are separated and split within the radius of 5m and then each is ignited to emit CS gas. Case shot shell is made in plastic, and CS combustion part is made of aluminum compound, and it is effective to settle down a great number of demonstrators.