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Diameter  64mm ± 1mm(Body only)
Size (Length) 135mm ± 5mm
Weight    330g ± 20g

Body type Hand Grenade
Total chemical weight 103g ± 3g
Fuze delay time 2 ~ 3 sec
Burning time30 ± 5 sec
Body material Reinforced plastic
Fuze type Lever off Strike fuze
Throwing distance30 ~ 50m
Shelf life 5 years

DK- N500 is made of lever-type fuse and is grenade and CS burning type, and it can be easily carried by an individual and is used as tear bomb. When it is thrown after being removed of its safety pin and fallen down on the earth approximately 30-50m ahead, it emits CS gas while twisting, and emission time is about 30 seconds. It consists of lever-type fuse, plastic shell and CS combustion, and it emits much great volume of CS gas than DK-500. It is very useful and effective when controlling or arresting demonstrators or violent criminals who are close.