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Diameter64mm ± 2mm(Body only)
Size (Length)130mm ± 5mm
WeightRed       216g ± 5g
 Green  225g ± 5g
 Yellow 251g ± 5g

Body typeHand Grenade
Total chemical weightRed 82g ± 5g/Green 85g ± 5g/Yellow 95g ± 5g
(CS amount & concentration is able to be adjusted)
Fuze delay time2 ~ 3 sec
Burning time20 ± 5 sec
TwistingWithin an area of 5 meters on the hard soil ground & asphalt
Fuze typeM 201 A1
Launchable (Yes/No)No
Throwing distance30 ~ 50m

UN NumberUN 0303
Proper shipping name
Hazard Class1.4G
Packing40units / 1 box
Packing size365 × 290 × 320(mm)


DK-N500C is made of lever-type fuse and is grenade and burning type, and it can be easily carried by an individual and is used as color smoke. When it is thrown after being removed of its safety pin and fallen down on the earth approximately 30~50m ahead, it emits color smoke while twisting, and emission time is about 20 senconds, It consists of lever-type fuse, plastic shell and color smoke combustion, and it emits much grest volume of color smoke than DK-500. It is effective in giving visual signal by applying color of smoke of implemerting mock trainings for fire prevention.