Diameter38mm ± 1mm
Size (Length)125mm ± 1mm
Weight103g ± 5g

Total chemical weight30g ± 3g
Delay time2 ~ 3 sec
Range(by 38mm Anti-Riot Gun )60 ~ 80 meter
ChargeCS Mixture
(CS amount & concentration is able to be adjusted)
Cartridge materialNylon (Plastic)
Projectile materialNylon (Plastic)
Shelf life5 years

DK- 38M, CS Cartridge is explosive type and is loaded into 38mm Anti-Riot Gun and then launched. It is launched at a high angle of approximately 40°, and a case shot that was launched explodes at an altitude of 5m above the target and emits CS compounds toward all directions within the radius of 10m to contaminate the area. Its launcher shell is made in plastic that doesn’t break apart, and it doesn’t have any metal parts so that safety can be assured while effectively controlling demonstrators a long distance away.

38mm anti-riot gun