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    Multiple Launcher Set
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Diameter40mm ± 1mm
Size (Length)127mm ± 1mm

UN NumberUN 1700
Proper shipping nameTear gas candles
Hazard Class6.1 or 4.1

Total chemical weight 40g ± 3 g
Delay time 2 ~ 3 sec
Range(by 38mm Anti-Riot Gun ) 70 ~ 90 meter
Charge CS Mixture
Cartridge material Nylon (Plastic)
Projectile material Nylon (Plastic)

DK- 600, Multiple Launcher Set consists of electrical ignition device, launcher and multiple launcher case shots (64 case shots), and 4 case shots are in one launcher, and it has total 16 launchers. To launch case shots, it has to be installed and fixed on the earth or on a truck first, and its shooting angle can be adjusted between 30° and 40°. When it is ignited with its electrical ignition device, its 16 launchers shoot a case shot over 4 shooting times for each difference distance of 50m, 100m, 150m and 200m successively with a time interval of 20 seconds. It is very effective to control a great number of demonstrators.