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Data / color          Red/Green/Yellow  
Diameter(mm)                  60mm ± 2mm
Length(mm)                 147mm ± 3mm
Weight(g)                    470g ± 30g

Body MaterialAluminum
Smoke Mix content250 ± 20g
Smoke Discharge time45 ± 5 sec
Fuze delay time1~ 3 sec
Smoke colorRed / Green / Yellow
Throwing distance30 ~ 40m

UN NumberUN 0303
Proper shipping nameAmmunition, Smoke
Hazard Class1.4G
Packing40units / 1 ctn box

DK- 60C, Color Smoke, Grenade is used as flare and smoke grenade and is activated by separate-lever type fuse and can be fixed or thrown. When it is ignited and activated, after approximately 2 seconds, it emits color smoke in each color for about 1 minute. It is effective in making fantastic ambience at a daytime festival, giving visual signal by applying color of smoke or implementing mock trainings for fire prevention.

- It shall not be used at an airtight facility and shall be used at open and exterior spaces only.