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Diameter 53mm ± 2mm
Size (Length) 103mm ± 2mm
Weight Red       118g ± 5g
  Green  122g ± 5g
  Yellow 133g ± 5g

Body type Hand Grenade
Total chemical weight Red     20g ± 3g
  Green  27g ± 3g
  Yellow 33g ± 3g
Sort of color smoke Red / Green / Yellow
Fuze delay time About 1 sec
Burning time 10 ± 5 sec
Twisting Within an area of 3-4meters on the hard soil ground & asphalt
Fuze type M 201 A1
Launchable (Yes/No) No
Throwing distance 30 ~ 50m

DK- 500C, color smoke has lever-type fuse and is grenade and burning type. When it is thrown after being removed of its safety pin and fallen down on the earth approximately 30-50m ahead, it emits smoke in various colors of red, green and yellow while twisting. It is very effective to use it when doing trainings or practices.