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Diameter54mm ± 2mm
Size (Length)137mm ± 2mm
Weight145g ± 20g

TypeHand Grenade
Total Chemical weight4.0 ± 0.5g
Blasting powderPotassium perchlorate based Mixture
Fuze delay time1.5 ~ 4 sec
Flash intensity4-5 mil candles
Throwing distance30 ~ 50m
Shelf life5 years

UN NumberUN 0362
Proper shipping nameAmmunition, Practice
Hazard Class1.4G
Packing40units / 1 box

DK- 3M SOUND/ ONE BANG has lever-type fuse and is grenade and explosive type. When activating it by removing its safety pin, 2 to 3 seconds later, it explodes in the air or on the earth to make great roaring sound that reaches at approximately 120dB. Its case shell is made in plastic and it doesn’t have any metal parts so that safety can be assured when it burst. Thus, it is effective to arrest violent criminals indoors.