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Diameter 73mm ± 2mm
Size (Length) 135mm ± 5mm
Weight 295g ± 30g

Type Hand Grenade
Body material Reinforced plastic
Total Chemical  weight About 15g
Blasting powderPotassium perchlorated base mixture
SoundMin. 120dB
Fuze Delay time 1 ~ 3 sec
Flash Intensity 0.5million candles
Throwing distance 30 ~ 50m
Shelf life 5 years

UN Number UN 0431
Proper shipping name Articles,Pyrotechnic for technical purposes
Hazard Class 1.4G
Packing 40units / 1 box

DK- 44, SOUND/ 6 BANG has lever-type fuse and is grenade and explosive type. When activating it by removing its safety pin,1 to 3 seconds later, it explodes in the air or on the earth to make six consecutive roaring sounds that reaches at approximately 120dB. Its case shell is made in plastic that doesn’t break apart, and it is doesn’t have any metal parts so that safety can be assured when it explodes. Thus, it is effective who control the demonstrators who are close or within an airtight space at a building or arresting violent criminals.