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Diameter 54mm ± 1mm
Size (Length) 110mm ± 2mm
Weight 145g ± 5g

Model DK-3M
Body material ABS(Plastic)
Product type CS Powder-Spreading by grenade's bursting
Total chemical weight 50g
Delay time 2 ~ 3 sec
Fuze type M 201 A1
Launchable (Yes/No) Yes
Effectivae firing range 70 ~ 90m(When a launcher is Combined with rifle)
Throwing distance 30 ~ 50m

UN Number UN 1700
Proper shipping name Tear gas candles
Hazard Class 6.1 or 4.1
Packing 40units / 1 box

DK-3M has lever-type fuse and is grenade and CS explosive type. When starting it by removing its safety pin, it explodes in the air and emits tear CS power toward all directions within the radius of 5m to contaminate the area. Its case shell is made with plastic that doesn’t break apart, and both Throw type and Launcher type can be applied, and it doesn’t have any metal parts so that safety can be assured.

Mount the launcher on a rifle barrel