Diameteryle="padding-left: 6px;" bgcolor="#e9eaef">38mm ± 1mm
Size (Length)yle="padding-left: 6px;">125mm ± 1mm
Weightyle="padding-left: 6px;" bgcolor="#e9eaef">Red       138g ± 5g
 yle="padding-left: 6px;" bgcolor="#e9eaef">Yellow 144g ± 5g
 yle="padding-left: 6px;" bgcolor="#e9eaef">Green  141g ± 5g

Delay timeyle="padding-left: 6px;" bgcolor="#e9eaef">2 ~ 3 sec
Burn timeyle="padding-left: 6px;">15 ± 5 sec
Range(by 38mm Anti-Riot Gun )yle="padding-left: 6px;" bgcolor="#e9eaef">Over 100 meter
Chargeyle="padding-left: 6px;">Red       569 ± 39
 yle="padding-left: 6px;">Yellow 609 ± 39
 yle="padding-left: 6px;">Green  579 ± 39
(CS amount & concentration is able to be adjusted)
Cartridge materialyle="padding-left: 6px;">Nylon (Plastic)
Projectile materialyle="padding-left: 6px;" bgcolor="#e9eaef">Aluminum
Shelf lifeyle="padding-left: 6px;">5 years

UN Numberyle="padding-left: 6px;" bgcolor="#e9eaef">0303
Proper shipping nameyle="padding-left: 6px;">Ammunition, Smoke
Hazard Classyle="padding-left: 6px;" bgcolor="#e9eaef">1.4G
Packingyle="padding-left: 6px;">80units / box

DK-38C, color smoke is burning type, and it is loaded into 38mm Anti-Riot Gun to be discharged, and it is discharged at high angle of approximately 40° for a shooting distance of 100m or longer, and a case shot that was discharged is burnt in the space and emits smoke in various colors of yellow, blue, green and white. Case shot shell is made in reinforced plastic, and projectile is made in aluminum compound, and it is effective to use it for the purpose of shooting drills, fire prevention drills and other kinds of trainings and practices.

38mm anti-riot gun


- This case shot is made for ‘long distance use’, and it can be extremely dangerous if it is thrown toward a person. Thus, the shooting distance as described in the manual shall be kept.
- It shall not be used at an airtight space or room and shall be used at only open spaces.