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Diameter40mm ± 1mm
Size (Length)102mm ± 2mm
Weight60g ± 3g

TpyeProjectile, Spin stabilized foam baton
Projectile materialFoam Rubber nose with ABS baae
Projectile weight36g(40g Max)
Cartridge materialReinforced Plastic
Maximum Range 50m
Effective Range 30m
Waterproof Yes
Shelf life5 years from date of maunfacture

UN NumberUN0339
Shipping nameCartridge for weapons,Inert Projectile
Hazard Class1.4C
Packing150units / box


    The DK-40F Foam Cartridge is designed to be direct fired at violent subjects.

    It can be effective in disarming and disabling subjects who may be a danger to themselves.

    The can also be used in crowd control situations for distributes the impact force over a wide area.

    The foam rubber nose of the projectile distributes the impact force over a wide area.

    The projectile is spin stabilized for increased accuracy.



    M203 or 40mm anti-riot gun



   Serious injury or death may occur if fired directly at subjects at very close ranges.